Guy Basabose

As far back as I can remember I always had a passion for visual expression. I started to notice in my teenage years, that I was very attracted to different forms of visual expression. I would stare at graffiti for hours, collect party flyers and create my own artwork through drawing. One day I met an amazing young man named Handoko at the high school I attended, this young man was an amazing artist he would draw incredibly detailed works of art, inspired from photographs. I started by borrowing his drawings and study them in details, from that experience I noticed that beautiful images moved something in me.

After High school I went off to college, because of my busy partying schedule, my passion for art sort of faded. A couple of years later internet was becoming more and more popular and I started seeing more and more photographs through webpages, and social media back then we were using Hi5. I remember asking myself why I would spend hours looking at images of people, animals and landscapes, that is when I realized I loved photographs. My passion never stopped growing for photography. As I was growing up I started feeling a need to express myself, in order to convey to other how I view the world . Because of my great love for photography, it was a no brainer which mode of expression was best suited for me. I then transitioned from just being a viewer to a creator of beautiful photographs.

In 2009 I finally decided to drop everything I was doing and become a full time professional photographer, the best decision I ever made.

Today I am freelance photographer in the Netherlands in a small town called Delft, I predominantly do portraits and weddings. I would describe my approach to photography as "genuine and honest", I aim to capture true emotion and the real personality of my subjects.


In my personal life, I find inspiration and motivation in my relationship with my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. In my early twenties I got addicted to drugs and alcohol, the addiction destroyed many things in my life and left me depressed, sick and suicidal. After 10 years of addiction, I was saved by the grace of God, Jesus Christ came into my life and healed me. He restored all I had lost and gave me an amazing wife that kept loving me even in the darkest times. I am now a father of 4 children and my faith grows everyday because of the amazing love I found in Jesus Christ.