The Black Dutch Project

The Black Dutch Project is artistic project that was born through the collaboration of the photographer Guy Basabose and the foundation Yangambi. The Black Dutch Project aims at creating an inspiring and positive conversation through portrait photography within our beautiful and diverse society.

The Black Dutch Project is a series of artistic portraits of inspirational Dutch man and woman of African descent.

Our aim with this project is to challenge all of us to go beyond the stereotypes whether they are physical or intellectual, challenge us to be willing to accept and embrace our differences. Challenge us to celebrate our uniqueness, our beauty and to acknowledge the great contribution that Black citizens are making in Netherlands.


Dana Yumani

Dana Yumani (1988) is medical doctor with a passion for pediatrics & a zeal for caring and finding sustainable solutions for the most vulnerable groups - inside as well as outside of healthcare. This is reflected in a love for research - currently she is doing a PhD project focusing on improving the health of babies who were born too early. She is also eager to stimulate young people in finding and pursuing their purpose through teaching and mentoring. Currently she is a youth pastor in training and teaches and mentors medical students.

Don Ceder

Don Ceder (1989) is an Amsterdam based lawyer. At age 25 he opened up his own lawfirm, through which he is providing legal assistance to especially those who are affected by the growing debt problem in the Netherlands.

In 2014, he was nominated for Amsterdam citizen of the year award. Don, as the child of a Surinamese father and a Ghanaian mother, is also elected as the local party leader for the political party ‘ChristenUnie’, as they are preparing for the upcoming city council elections in march 2018

Megane Luya

Megane Luya, grew up in Roelofvarendsveen, Zuid-Holland and resides in Leiden with her Dutch-Congolese parents. She was born in 1992. Growing up with two different cultures allowed her to be proud of her identity. In June 2013, the 24 year old has been crowned as Miss Congo Netherlands. Megane winning this title showed that she really wanted to be an ambassador for the Congolese community in the Netherlands and honour her heritage. Her family and friends who has always been very supportive motivated her to expand her talent and ambition as an model and more.

She studied social work and graduated in 2015, from that moment she decided to study entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Megane is very passionated by the world of fashion and philantrophy.

Alphonse Muambi

Alphonse Muambi is a Dutchman of Congolese descent. He is the author of the book Democratie kun je niet eten(You Can’t Eat Democracy) and has written many critical articles, such as “Vergeet de stembus in Afrika” (Forget the ballot box in Africa), which has given rise to worldwide debate. He is well known as a sharp, critical and independent analyst. As a lobbyist he endeavors to persuade politicians and media in Europe to focus political and economic attention on Africa.

Pauline Mbundu-Uitenwerf

Pauline Mbundu-Uitenwerf is co-founder of African Young Professional Network (AYP) and was its president from 2010-2016. Pauline is working as a manager for a renown consultancy & accountancy firm where she focuses on project and programme management for the public sector. Pauline is passionate about connecting people and social relevant topics. She is engaged in the empowerment of minorities in the Netherlands and the development of the African continent. Pauline is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and has been living for more than 20 years in the Netherlands.

Philippe-Olivier Mbundu

Philippe-Olivier Mbundu (1984) was born in DR Congo, Kinshasa. He moved to the Netherlands when he was child and grew up in Limburg near Maastricht. Philippe studied Business Management in Maastricht and International Management in Marseille, South of France. He speaks fluently five languages: French, Dutch, English, German and Lingala.Being exposed to various cultures at a very early age, Philippe developed a deep inner desire for travel and adventure. He likes to set his own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

He has always been attracted to work with countries from Africa. At an early beginning of his career, he had the chance to work for a building project in Kinshasa. Today, Philippe is working as a commercial at Nissan Trading, the car manufacture where he is commercial operating within the African continent.


Ethiopian, born in Addis Ababa. Proud mother of 2 wonderful girls, A lawyer and a consultant in Hospitality industry.
During my journey in Holland I learn how to create businesses, how to involve in companies, My passion is in the progress of Ethiopia, all commercial activities I am in are to positively impact my country. I learn to dream big and to walk carefully in Holland.
Businesses I love are: Moyee Coffee, we add value in country of origin. Habesha Beer: New business model for African product.

Life is beautiful if countries have client-suppliers relationship not donor-receiver.

Denise Dusabe

Born in 1986 in Rwanda, she had to flee her country of birth due to a civil war in 1994. Via RDC, Kenya and Togo, she ended up in the Netherlands in 1999. After learning the Dutch language she completed her secondary school education, then moved to Rotterdam to study Medicine. She graduated in 2012 and went on to specialise in general medicine. She graduated in 2016 and has been working as a general practitioner on a freelance base.
In 2015 she represented her country of birth Rwanda in the Miss Africa Netherlands pageant. She became the 2nd runner-up and won the subtitle Miss Congenitality

Dady Kiyangi

Dady Kiyangi is of Congolese decent (Democratic Republic Congo). His social values and appreciation for the little things in live drive his entrepreneurial activities.

Dady Kiyangi is the founder of Yangambi, a platform for contemporary African art and culture. African culture plays a central role. Yangambi aims to strengthen the development of African art & culture. In short: strong commitment, professionalism and personal customization are the point of focus at Yangambi. He is also the co-founder of the African Young Professional Network (AYP). AYP is a network for young professionals of African descent in The Netherlands who are studying and/or working, and for affiliates of the organization to exchange knowledge and experience.

Dady is a hard worker with an eye for community, and green innovations. He tackles new projects with courage and passion and is determined to challenge himself.


Angélique Mbundu is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is the artistic director of the iAfrica Film Festival. She is also a lawyer with a rich experience in public, private and non-profit sector. Angélique is co-founder of the African Young Professional Network (AYP), a network for African young professionals and students in the Netherlands, and vice-president of the Dutch division of the network Africa 2.0. Next to this all she runs as well a consultancy firm.